PZ Cussons AGM – Cameraman for Hire in Manchester

Just playing blog catch-up, this was a shoot from the PZ Cussons AGM late last year. Featuring three presenters, VT and graphics inserts. Dual cameras, autocue, Zoom participants all live streamed from PZ Cussons HQ near the airport in Manchester.

A week prior to the event I had shot a piece to camera with PZ Cussons CEO, Jonathon Myers. This was used as a VT insert during the live-streaming event and can be seen in the image below.

Always a bonus when you meet a CEO who is a natural presenter and Jonathon is very much that.

The AGM was shot on two Canon C300 cameras, one manned and one locked off. Three radio mics into a MIDAS desk and the studio was lit by LED light panels and Dedolights for accents. Autocue provided by Andy once more.

Always a huge pleasure to work at PZ Cussons, the staff are super helpful and friendly and the lunches are amazing!

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