Cot Mattress Review of The “EasyChange”

EasyChange Cot Mattress Review - The Cotmattress Company

We’ve been working with The Cot Mattress Company, producing product videos for a number of years now and it’s always a pleasure and a great laugh to work with Roger who runs and owns the company. On our last shoot he asked me which mattress we used on our kid’s beds and we shamefully admitted that we went the “el-cheapskate” route and bought them from Amazon for about £50. In a cry of utter dismay Roger insisted that we try one of his. I agreed and promised a cot mattress review of the EasyChange.

Cot Mattress Review

The Cot Mattress Company sent the package yesterday and it arrived today – super efficient service. I told Roger that one of our boys suffers from hay fever so he kindly sent us This Mattress and some bamboo sheets as apparently bugs and dust mites etc cannot live in bamboo sheets. Image of the label below so you can read the details..

Image of cot mattress company bamboo sheets review

The mattress arrived in a sturdy box that even Hermes managed not to damage, so that was a bonus.

Easychange mattress in box ready for cot mattress review

I’m not a huge fan of memory foam as I find it very hot. I’ve always had a pocket sprung mattress on my bed and it’s super comfy.
I decided to get the same for my little boys as I think breath-ability will be a lot better with a pocket sprung rather than solid foam.

One of my children has been in his toddler bed (John Lewis Boris Bed) for 2 or 3 years now, it’s a 140 by 70 so he’s ok for another year or so. Just the other day though, I thought I’d give the mattress a good press to see how comfy it was for him now he is bigger and heavier. Shock horror – I could feel the springs quite easily. This was not good and so time for a change.

As mentioned previously, we went the cheapo route originally on Amazon and got this “Katy” mattress.

Katy swapped for easychange

It’s been ok, it came with an extra cover so we could easily swap them over when needed, but once I’d felt the springs through the top is was time to go. On closer examination the topper foam on these is very thin and soft and here lies the problem. Also, I don’t think it has much in the way of waterproofing properties.


Upon un-boxing the Easy Change Mattress we found the mattress, a spare cover, pack of sheets and an information sheet.

image of easychange mattress un-boxing

Taking the mattress out of the plastic cover there was no chemical smell whatsover. I have read many reviews on Amazon of other cot mattresses and found this to be a common complaint. I believe it’s the glue/foam and manufacturing techniques that cause this in some mattresses.

The top of the cover feels extremely soft, and upon giving the mattress a firm press test, I couldn’t feel the springs at all. I think I could safely say that this mattress is in a different league to the Amazon cheapo we had. The Cot Mattress Company use a high quality foam (I believe) which is very firm. This is what they claim on their website and in the specs. Upon feeling the two mattresses (this and the Katy) I’m inclined to agree.

close up of mattress covers from the easychange cot mattress review

When you have kids and you have to buy so many things I suppose we are all sometimes guilty of going for the cheaper option and that’s probably what we did. But when on average we are spending about £200-£300 a month on a car (!!!???), I think it’s probably not too much to ask ourselves to part with £120 for our little uns to have the best night’s kip they can get?


The covers supplied with the mattress are made from a fabric(s) called Coolmax and Maxispace. I think the Coolmax is described as a”3D fabric” and is designed to keep your child cool. I would imagine the 3D description is due to the “bumps” in the fabric which can be seen more clearly in this photo…

close up of easychange 3D fabric

Once placed on the bed, the mattress is a tight fit for our particular 140 by 70 bed but this helps with little fingers not getting stuck down the sides. Overall the mattress feels very firm and of excellent quality compared to our previous one. I would definitely recommend checking out the mattresses that The Cot Mattress Company have on the their website. There are lots of options for core types and fabric types. Roger is always available to chat also, and he can give you advice on which one is best for your child if they may suffer from allergies or Asthma for instance.

Test Run

My boy is going to give this one a test run tonight so I’ll report back on how he got on! I hope you found this cot mattress review helpful.

close up of easychange mattress on bed

Also, here’s the latest product video that we made featuring the EasyChange Cot Mattress. Check out our Portfolio page to view other product and promotional videos that we have created.

Cotmattress Company Video Shoot May 2018

Yesterday we were on location in sunny Oldham shooting for The Cot Mattress Company. We have the lovely Katie on presenting duty and covered 3 new products, the Optima Eco, Optima Hybrid and EasyChange baby and toddler mattresses.

The guys from Cotmattress, Roger & Jon were great to work with and we had a really good time. Kit wise we used the trusty Canon C300 with 24-105, Senheiser EW lav packs, Arri lighting and Vinten support.

Example of one of the videos below.